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By using a camera stabilizer, a steadicam can help you get a clean, crisp and clear shots. The image on a photo could be blurry and manipulated due to motion during the image capture, however, stabilizers can help your image look sharp and clear when you’re trying to shoot a moving object or if you’re taking pictures without using a tripodOne type of internal stabilizer uses the lens of the camera to deal with motion. Sensors within the camera can sense if you are moving the camera a bit with your hands, and they initialize the lens to move also. Once the picture is captured, your hands have shifted slightly but the lens has moved in the other direction, so your image is unaffected. Anti-shake is another type of camera slider which functions to capture an image when there is motion. Cameras with anti-shake enhance the shutter speed should there be movement in the camera, so that the photo is taken instantly. The speed in which the photo is taken keeps the image sharp. An image that is taken over a longer period of time will be impacted by the movement of the camera and is prone to come out unclear. Mounted stabilizers are used externally on a camera to give you a greater area over which to grip the camera. The larger area enables you to handheld the camera still and reduce your own motions so that the image will be clear and clean. Mounted stabilizers also help to distribute the weight of heavy cameras more evenly, so that you won't get tired while holding the camera, that may prevent you from holding the camera steady. Some external stabilizers include weights to put mass to the camera so that it is much easier to keep steady. These stabilizers are frequently used in a camcorder in addition to a mount so that you can keep the equipment well balanced when you are moving around to capture an image. Some may use counterweights to keep the weight even both in front and back, that also makes a heavy camera much easier to handle because the weight is better distributed. Getting your camera stabilizer balanced can take a lot of practice, and always remember that each time you add or replace equipment, e.g., change a lens or a battery, you have to re-balance it. However with some experimentation and good old-fashioned patience, you’ll be flying about with your camera and shooting super-smooth footage in no time.